Divorces can be devastating. However, if you are considering a divorce this time of year, you will not be alone. Attorneys often schedule more initial divorce consultations in January and February than other months of the year.

Why are there more divorces at the beginning of the year? Experts suggest several possible reasons.

New Year’s resolutions: Like any other New Year’s resolution, people can look at a divorce from their spouse as part of their “new year, new me” mentality. People often consider the start of the year as a time to become healthier and start new habits. For some people, a healthier way of life might involve ending an unhealthy relationship.

According to Market Watch, some lawyers even experience up to a 40 percent increase in divorces during the first three months of the year.

Holiday Vacations are over: Generally, people schedule their vacations around the days they have off from work. For many people, the most convenient time is between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Spouses who are struggling, will not be able to mend their relationship just because there is a change in scenery.

Without any upcoming commitments, many couples choose to file for a divorce after they return home.

Stresses of family time: The holidays can be even more stressful for a couples who have been trying to hold it together for children or are barely speaking. From in-laws to family gatherings, the stress adds up. The additional time together over the holidays could help a relationship, but often it does exactly the opposite. As such, many of these couples choose to file for divorce after the holidays are over.

No matter what time of year you choose to get divorced, starting the process is tough. If you are considering a divorce, consult with an experienced divorce attorney to get sound answers to your questions and begin to develop a strategy for moving forward.