Divorce is, in a word, hard. It is stressful, even if it is uncontested or isn’t very complicated. There are myriad emotional, physical and financial ramifications to even the most basic divorce. This post will provide some coping strategies to help you get through this difficult time.

Accept your feelings, good and bad

The emotions associated with divorce can be intense. There’s anger, frustration, anxiety, fear and many more. There’s also, in many cases, excitement, relief and hopefulness. Accepting that these big emotions are normal, and giving yourself permission to process them, can go a long way toward making the transition from married life to single life easier.

Don’t expect too much of yourself

You are going through a traumatic event. Even if your divorce is uncontested, or it has been a long time coming, it’s still stressful to go through it. Accept that you won’t be operating at your best for a bit. This is okay, and it is to be expected. Go easy on yourself during the transitional period, and things might not seem as overwhelming.

Reach out to others

Share your feelings with family and friends if you are comfortable. If that’s not an option, consider joining a support group for divorcees, or hiring a “divorce coach,” a mental health professional who can help you navigate the emotional aspects of the divorce. Having an outlet for your feelings, good and bad, can make them easier to work through.

Take care of yourself

It’d be easy to give in to the temptation to “let yourself go” during this difficult time. That will only complicate things, however. Take care of yourself. Nurture your body and your mind. Exercise, eat well, and rest. Taking care of yourself makes it possible for you to take care of the people around you and your other responsibilities.

Open yourself to the possibilities

It may not seem like it at first, but divorce is actually full of possibility. Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby or get a drastically different hairstyle? Now’s the time to experiment with those changes and to do things for yourself.

Think positively

Try very hard not to get hung up on the negative aspects of the divorce. Think positively about the future instead. This will allow you to move forward from a place of hopefulness instead of a place of despair. Even though it’s difficult, you will get through it.