Marriages can become difficult when conflict overtakes the good and positive elements of the marital relationship. Sometimes those conflicts may surround changes that the partners have experienced in their personal lives, and sometimes the conflicts involve true disagreements and insurmountable differences that have become more apparent over time. Getting to the decision to file for divorce can occur simultaneously for partners, but more often happens for one partner before the other.

When a person decides that divorce is a necessary step in their life they may be hit with a wave of emotions. Psychologists have examined the emotions of divorce and have found that when parties begin their divorces with kindness and productive communications, the rest of their divorces proceed along similar lines. It might be hard to imagine a peaceful divorce but for Californians who elect to divorce through a consensual dispute resolution process (such as mediation or Collaborative divorce), it is a possible outcome.

Consensual dispute resolution involves taking a divorce out of the courts and placing it in the hands of the parties. It involves working with a mediator or other skilled professionals to settle differences concerning how the parties wish to divide their assets, share time with their kids and settle matters related to support. It effectively gives the parties control over the end of their marriage and therefore more opportunities for finding peace with the outcomes they reach.

Divorce mediation and other consensual dispute resolution processes are options for San Francisco residents who desire to keep their marital splits amicable and positive. Not all couples will find success in the mediation process, and for this reason it is important that individuals understand mediation before they decide to pursue it. The attorneys of Nachlis & are available to discuss divorce options, including the use of mediation and collaborative divorce as a means to ending a marriage.