It may sound crazy, but not every person who plans to divorce their spouse hates or despises their soon-to-be ex. In fact, in California and jurisdictions throughout the country, many divorces involve individuals who simply have grown apart from their partners but who wish them no ill will. For people who only want to end their relationships and are able to do so on good terms with their partners, a litigated divorce may not be the best option.

In a traditional divorce litigation, the parties will use the court system to work through divorce-related matters, such as the custody of children and the division of property. However, if the partners to a couple agree on all such matters and others, are on good terms with each other and want to remain so after their divorce is finalized they may benefit from choosing an alternative process to litigated divorce.

Mediation is one such path and so too is collaborative divorce. These paths place the responsibility of negotiating the terms of a divorce on the parties and remove the guiding role of the court in mandating particular outcomes. The law firm of Nachlis & , located in San Francisco, supports clients through both of these divorce options as well as the traditional path that many take through the court system.

A couple that elects to use an alternative path to divorce is not bound to that path if conflicts arise. By utilizing the services of legal representatives who understand and advocate different divorce paths the clients of Nachlis & are well-suited to work through their marital dissolutions no matter what happens. The law firm of Nachlis & maintains a wealth of information about divorce on its website and readers are invited to visit it to learn more about alternative paths to ending marriages in California.