Prior posts on this California family law blog have discussed how child support arrangements may be modified in the event that the parents or children experience changes in their circumstances. For example, if a child is diagnosed with a medical condition and requires more support than they did in years past their custodial parent may petition to have the noncustodial parent contribute more to the child’s care. Additionally, if a parent suffered a financial setback and became unable to pay the child support they are bound to provide they may request a modification to lower the amount they are due to provide.

Recently Kevin Federline subpoenaed pop star Britney Spears to provide current information on her financial situation. Federline and Spears were previously married and together they share two young sons. Spears pays child support to Federline for the care of their children but Federline and his lawyer claim that the amount she pays should be increased.

Spears has reportedly been paying $20,000 per month in support for her kids since 2008 and Federline believes that amount should be increased based on Spears’ current wealth. He also cited his declining earning potential since the couple’s divorce a decade ago.

As the former couple moves closer to a potential meeting to discuss their changes in financial circumstances and modifications to their standing child support arrangement, they will have to take into consideration the needs of their children. Family law matters regarding kids often turn on the best interests of the children and if a judge hears both sides on this matter to modify Spears’ child support obligation they will have to decide if doing so benefits the children’s needs and best interests.