Parents often watch in amazement as their kids acquire new competencies and skills. A San Francisco parent may marvel at the grace of their young child moves when only months before they were a clumsy toddler. The parent of a teenager may lament the passage of time as they assist their high schooler with college applications. Despite their efforts, parents cannot stop their children from growing into the special individuals that they were destined to become.

As such, parents must adapt to the every-changing needs that their kids exhibit. What a baby requires of their mother and father may be different from what a middle school-aged child needs. Whereas one’s needs are primarily focused on staying alive and receiving nourishment that they cannot provide themselves, the other’s needs may be those of necessity but also of emotional support to get through the trying times of adolescence.

When parents go through a divorce, they create a parenting plan that outline how and where the child will be raised. That plan takes into consideration the best interests of the child whose life will be guided by that plan. As one may now realize though, a child’s best interests at age 5 may be drastically altered once the child reaches the age of 15.

Child custody and visitation plans can be modified and should be changed, if they do not meet the needs of the children they address. The law firm of Nachlis & , located in San Francisco, supports parents who want to make modifications to their children’s custody plans and assists them in the important process of having those changes approved by the courts.