A parent who receives physical custody of their child may bear significant costs to ensure that their child is properly cared for and has everything that they need to thrive. This can include purchasing food and clothing for the youth, paying a mortgage or rent to keep the child in a safe home, and making payments on a car or other form of transportation to make sure the child gets to school and everywhere else that they must go to fully live their life. When these and other costs are added up, a San Francisco parent may find that their child-rearing expenses are quite high.

Children have the right to be provided for by their parents and when their parents are no longer together the right to receive financial support from their non-custodial parent. The terms of a child support order or agreement will establish how much money the non-custodial parent must pay on behalf of the child and when those payments are due.

A custodial parent who notices that their child’s non-custodial parent is not making required child support payments has the power to take action and seek enforcement of their operating child support order or agreement. Enforcement proceedings are sometimes necessary to ensure that a non-custodial parent does not shirk their duty to their child.

Custodial parents who wish to use the state’s enforcement tools to compel child support payments for their kids can find support and representation in the law firm of Nachlis & . Conveniently located in San Francisco, the firm is prepared to advocate for children and their custodial parents so that the kids receive the support they need to live fully.