If a San Francisco parent wants to change the amount of child support they must pay, then that parent must be able to prove that there has been a change in circumstances. This post will introduce some ways that a change in circumstance may be proven, but the information provided herein is not complete. Family law attorneys should be consulted by those who have legal questions about modifying their support orders and obligations.

One major change in circumstance that may necessitate a parent to seek a support modification is the loss of a job. If a parent no longer earns an income, it may be impossible for them to continue to provide financial support for their children. Additionally, an increase in a parent’s income may cause a custodial parent to seek to increase their child’s support from the noncustodial parent in the wake of that parent’s raise or improved financial situation.

If a child experiences a change in need, such as the need to enroll in a new school or a significant health issue that causes the custodial parent to incur significant medical expenses, then they may be able to prove a change in circumstances to modify the child’s support order. Child support is intended to provide for the child’s needs, so if it is not enough, it may be increased by the court.

Incarceration, the birth of additional children and other life events can constitute a change in circumstance for the paying parent. Family law attorneys are excellent resources for individuals who need to assess the adequacy of the child support orders and agreements that are currently serving their kids.