Not that long ago, divorces in California and throughout the rest of the nation took on a cookie cutter format. A person would either, on their own or with their spouse, file for divorce and begin the litigious process of untangling their life from that of their partner. With the help of their lawyers, the partners to the divorce would haggle over their property, their kids and their money until they had created agreements or accepted judicial intervention through orders to settle the important matters of their post-divorce lives.

While many individuals still use this lawsuit-based means of ending marriages, it is important that readers of this family law blog know that it is not the only option. Many law firms like Nachlis & support divorce clients who wish to use out-of-court negotiation, collaboration or mediation to bring their legal unions to their ends.

Collaborative divorces have been discussed on this blog and thrive when the parties are able to work together to create the post-marital schedules that will govern their continued shared existences. Mediated divorces are useful for individuals who value neutral third party involvement in the process of working out their conflicts.

The multitude of couples and divorce preferences that they hold necessitate the legal system to allow individuals to utilize the divorce process that best suits their needs and lives. When a person is contemplating divorce, they may be unsure of how best to approach the sometimes difficult process. The attorneys of Nachlis & provide their clients with anything but a cookie cutter approach to divorce and help those under their legal guidance make informed choices that serve their unique legal needs.