Appellate Considerations


You may have had to go to trial and received an order that you do not agree with. Post-trial motions and appeals have strict timelines and if you know you want to challenge the order, then you need to meet with an attorney right away.

It is critical to have a skilled attorney early in your case, especially if you think it will be contentious. At Nachlis Family Law Group, if we have to try a case, we work to preserve any potential appellate issues during your trial or pre-trial motions. This has an impact on your ability to be successful in obtaining post-trial relief.

Modifications After An Agreement Or Order

After resolution of a family law matter, clients frequently experience significant changes. These changes often require reassessing their agreements or court orders in order to address the developments. A change in circumstances may warrant a change in parenting time or custody or may be financial in nature and affect spousal support or child support.

Modifications are governed by law and different standards apply depending on what you want to modify. Consulting with a lawyer can help evaluate your options. As always, reaching an agreement outside of court is almost always advantageous to both parties.

Contact Us For Additional Review Of Your Case

If you need help with appeals, modifications of orders or any post-decree relief, call our firm at 415-399-8380 or email us. We can help you review your rights under California law. If you have more questions, we can schedule an appointment to meet you in person in our San Francisco office.